A message to our students:

When I first opened 4 years on on July 2013, I had big hopes and dreams for Create Artisan Studio. Everywhere I looked was full of possibilities, we had great classes, learned new art forms ranging from textile art to beach glass drilling. We painted, we laughed, we developed an addiction to methylcellulose glue. And all the while, my intention was to use Create as an working studio.

Well over the past 4 years, Create gained a following of wonderful women who have kept this studio going, either by taking weekly classes or booking a party.

It's been energizing work the past 4 years, you all have kept me on my toes and it is with much sadness I must say that Create will no longer be offering classes or featuring local artists after June 30th. There were many things that factored into this decision, which was not an easy one to make. I've met some amazing people in this community and beyond because of Create. Art connects and won't stop connecting - ever.

Don't worry, we will still be a fixture on Albion Street, as Create becomes a working art studio for myself and another creative soul in search of workspace and some creative energy. I'll be working on my new Kind Art series, custom orders, Wakefield signs, travel signs, mobiles and you'll see my around town at local restaurants offering one night classes and I'll still be available for fundraisers. You'll see me decorating merchant's windows and now I'll have more time to work on a few cool art show ideas I have for the Albion Cultural Exchange. Plus, wait until you see who's going to be coming in and making - OMG it's going to be AWESOME! We're likely to stay under the Create umbrella, as we will still be creating within these walls on 39 Albion Street.

I'll keep you updated on changes and what's happening next, in the meantime - TAKE A CLASS before you can't anymore. Visit http://www.createartisanstudio.com/take-a-class.php… and sign up now!!



 39 Albion Street, Wakefield, MA 01880 ♦ 781-975-1319 ♦ annmarie@createartisanstudio.com